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QLED vs OLED vs LED TVs, Which is Best in 2021?


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QLED vs OLED vs LED TVs, what's their difference?

What is qled vs led?When buying a new TV, the different technologies can be confusing. Marketing terms like OLED, QLED, and LED may all seem the same to you, but they actually refer to different panel types. Each technology offers different advantages and disadvantages to the picture quality, and this article explains the unique characteristics of QLED, OLED, and LED TVs.

ED and QLED TVs are similar to each other as they each use LCD panels with LED backlights; the only difference is that QLED TVs use a quantum dot layer that allows them to produce a wider range of colors. OLED panels are completely different, as the pixels are self-lit and can turn themselves off when needed, allowing the TV to produce perfect blacks.

QLED is just a marketing term to signify that the TV uses a quantum dot layer. A few companies, like Samsung and TCL, officially label their TVs as QLED. Other manufacturers like Vizio and Hisense use quantum dot technology, but don't use QLED in their marketing. To make things even more confusing, LG is releasing quantum dot TVs, marketed as QNED. Whatever these TVs are called, they all fall into the same quantum dot category. LED TVs use the same backlight as QLEDs, but they don't have the quantum dot layer.

QLED vs OLED vs LED TVs, what's their difference?

Picture quality between different OLED models doesn't differ much, as they each offer similar picture quality. However, picture quality can change a lot between QLED and LED models, and there are even different types of LED-backlit LCD panels that have unique characteristics.


LED, which stands for light emitting diode, emerged in the TV market before QLEDs and OLEDs. They use LEDs to light up an LCD panel. Many LED TVs have a VA panel, which normally has a high contrast ratio and narrow viewing angles, and they can get very bright.

Who should buy it: Most people looking for TVs today. LED TVs offer the best value and can be found in a very wide range of sizes.

QLED vs OLED vs LED TVs, what's their difference?


QLED TVs use traditional LCD panels lit by LEDs. Between the LCD layer and the backlight, a quantum dot layer filters the light to produce more pure and saturated colors. QLED is a marketing term used by a few companies, like Samsung and TCL, on their quantum dot TVs.

Who should buy it: Those looking for the best colors available.



OLED TVs can adjust the luminosity of each pixel individually. This allows them to turn them completely off to show pure blacks. This gives them exceptional picture quality, and they have wide viewing angles.

Who should buy it: Everyone that can afford it, except if you want to use it as a PC monitor or watch a lot of content with static elements.


to sum up:

QLED has advantages in brightness, size and service life. In addition, the latest technology has improved the level of black display and viewing angle. QLED TVs can provide better display effects with white antennas and are more cost-effective.

As far as image quality is concerned, OLED is the winner. OLED TVs can provide better viewing angles, purer black display, better contrast, lighter, thinner, and use less energy consumption. Better display effect.
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Heard there's SLED, confusedo_O
Yeah, REALME has an SLED TV