Samsung 89-inch Micro LED TV with LTPS TFT substrate


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Samsung has reportedly started production of 89-inch Micro LED TVs in the third quarter. This is Samsung's first Micro LED TV using an LTPS TFT glass substrate instead of a printed circuit board.
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However, Samsung's 101-inch and 114-inch LTPS TFT Micro LED TVs are said to have not yet started production.

Samsung originally planned to start production of the 89-inch and 101-inch models in May, but due to supply chain issues and low yields, it delayed the production date and only now began production of the 89-inch models.

The exact cause of the delay remains unclear, and the final price of the 89-inch model is yet to be announced. Samsung is said to have set the price at around $80,000 before starting production. That's much lower than previous Micro LED TV models, but it's still very expensive for a TV.

In addition, all three sizes use a 34×85 micron LED chip from Taiwanese LED company Play Nitride, the smallest LED chip Samsung has used to date.