Samsung Launches New 32-inch Model in The Frame TV 2023 Lineup

Samsung has recently announced its latest television series, which includes updated NeoQLED and QD-OLED models. However, the 2023 version of The Frame TV was missing from the recent CES 2023. Now, Samsung has released the updated version of The Frame TV 2023 series, starting with the 32-inch model.

The Frame TV 2023 model with a 32-inch screen size has a specific model number: QN32LS03CBFXZA. Its 2022 predecessor was the QN32LS03BBFXZA.

Samsung 32inch The Frame TV 2023 .jpg

Most of the features of the new model are similar to the previous generation. The only additional feature offered by the new 32-inch model is a motion sensor. However, the other sizes in this series already supported this feature. The sensor can detect if there are people in the room and display art on the screen if it detects someone. If the room is empty, it will turn off the TV to save energy.

Sources also suggest that the new 32-inch model will offer dual LED backlighting technology. It is worth noting that the Samsung The Frame TV 2023 model with a 32-inch screen size is priced at $599.99, the same as the older model.

Samsung's The Frame TV has always been a popular choice for those who want a TV that blends seamlessly with their home decor. The TV's design allows it to be mounted on a wall like a picture frame, and users can select from a variety of interchangeable frames to match their home's aesthetic.

The new 32-inch model will undoubtedly attract buyers who are looking for a TV with a smaller screen size that offers excellent picture quality and aesthetic appeal. Its motion sensor feature and dual LED backlighting technology are expected to enhance the user experience.

With the new 32-inch model, Samsung has continued to expand its The Frame TV 2023 lineup, making it more accessible to a broader range of consumers. It is also an indication that Samsung is committed to enhancing the product line's features and performance, providing customers with the latest technology.

The Samsung The Frame TV 2023 lineup is undoubtedly worth considering for those looking for a TV that can serve as a decorative element in their home. The 32-inch model is a perfect choice for those who want a smaller TV that can provide an immersive viewing experience while also fitting seamlessly into their home decor.

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It's great to see Samsung expanding their The Frame TV lineup with a new 32-inch model. The addition of a motion sensor is a smart move, as it allows the TV to save energy when no one is in the room. It's also impressive that the new model will feature dual LED backlight technology. Overall, it seems like Samsung is continuing to innovate in the TV market.


I'm not sure if the addition of a motion sensor justifies a new model release, but I guess it's a nice-to-have feature. It's disappointing that there aren't any significant updates to the new 32-inch model, aside from the motion sensor and dual LED backlight technology. Overall, it seems like a minor update to the existing model, and I'm not sure it's worth the investment for existing The Frame TV owners.