Samsung Q70B vs Q60B 2022 TV: What's different?


Samsung released their new line of TVs 4K OLED TVs in 2022. So you might be wondering what's the difference between Samsung Q70 VS Samsung Q60? Here is a list of the main parameters of these two series of TVs to help you make a more educated decision.
Samsung Q70B vs Samsung Q60B TV.jpg

1. Samsung Q70B vs Q60B Appearance

The Samsung Q60B and Samsung Q70B are both air slim TVs with a bezel-less frame.They have a slim look and two stable stands on the bottom. What differentiates them is that the Samsung Q60B has a black front color and simple plus wide black stands, while the Samsung Q70B has a Titan gray front color and narrow neck plate sand black stand.

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2. Samsung Q70B vs Q60B Available Sizes

Both the Samsung Q60B and Samsung Q70B are available in the same four sizes, 55', 65', 75', 85'. If your home is spacious enough, you can find the right TV in either range. But the Samsung Q760B also offers two TVs in smaller sizes, namely 43' and 50'. This provides benefits for those with smaller spaces.

3. Samsung Q70B vs Q60B Display

The biggest difference between the Samsung Q60B and Samsung Q70B in terms of display is that the Samsung Q60B only has 50 Hz, while the Samsung Q70B offers a refresh rate of 120 Hz, do not underestimate this parameter, because it is very important for video display and game output. A higher refresh rate will provide you with a smoother video picture. If you want to enjoy playing games on your TV, then Samsung Q70B would be a better choice.

4. Samsung Q70B vs Q60B Connectivity

The Samsung Q60B and Samsung Q70B are not very different in terms of connectivity. They both support Bluetooth connectivity, wireless wifi, and have the usual interfaces. Only the Samsung Q70B seems to be better, as it offers one more HDMI port. If you don't have a lot of external devices, this isn't a very important factor.

All in all, these two new 2022 Samsung TVs offer users the latest technology support. Considering the needs of users with different budgets, they offer a wider range of TV sizes and features at different prices. So, after comparing Samsung Q70B vs Q60B 2022 TV, choose the most suitable TV according to your needs.

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