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  1. Shelby_Compare

    Sony X90K vs Samsung Q60B TV Comparison Review

    This article will compare Sony X90K vs Samsung Q60B TVs. Sony X90K vs Samsung Q60B: Overall Comparison Sony X90K TV Quick Review The Sony X90K is Sony's mid-range 4K TV for 2022 that features LED backlighting and full-array local dimming. With excellent peak brightness and contrast for bright...
  2. Mialulu

    Samsung 2022 Q60B Series Priced starts with $550

    Samsung's 2022 Q60B series QLED TVs are now available on the US official website, ranging from 43 inches to 85 inches, priced from $550 all the way up to $2,300. What do you think of this Samsung Q60B QLED TV? The Samsung Q60B series uses a 4K panel, a 60Hz refresh rate, uses quantum dot...
  3. R

    Is Samsung Q60B good for gaming?

    In the 2022 Samsung TV lineup, the Samsung Q60B TV is an entry-level QLED TV. Many have asked: Is Q60B good for gaming? This TV, running the Tizen smart platform, offers a large number of apps, including running games. But our judgment on it is that the Samsung Q60B is gaming-friendly, but not...
  4. Felia

    Samsung Q70B vs Q60B 2022 TV: What's different?

    Samsung released their new line of TVs 4K OLED TVs in 2022. So you might be wondering what's the difference between Samsung Q70 VS Samsung Q60? Here is a list of the main parameters of these two series of TVs to help you make a more educated decision. 1. Samsung Q70B vs Q60B Appearance The...
  5. T

    Samsung Q60B 2022 QLED New TV Specifications

    Samsung Q60B is a TV based on LCD display technology with 4K resolution and flat design. It was launched in 2022 and is available in 43", 50", 55", 65", 75", 85" sizes. Let's look at the Samsung Q60B specs and see how it. Specifications Samsung Q60B - "QLED" LCD TV Year 60 Hz Sizes 43"...