Samsung Q80C TV spec review, is it good?



How does Samsung Q80C TV spec review?​

Samsung Q80C TV is on the shelves, how about this QLED gaming TV Q80C? Let's take a look at the Samsung Q80C TV spec review.

How does Samsung Q80C TV spec review?

Samsung Q80C TV Samsung Q80C TV Appearance​

The frame and base of the Samsung Q80C TV are made of plastic material, the bottom bracket is also made of plastic material, and the corners are designed with rounded corners. In terms of immersive experience, the screen ratio of Samsung Q80C TV is 95%-97% % full-screen design.

Samsung Q80C TV Picture quality​

The Samsung Q80C TV uses a quantum dot 4K image quality processor. The 4K processor is powerful, intelligently improves the image quality and sound quality, and brings a better user experience. In terms of display technology, the Samsung Q80C TV uses a QLED panel composed of LEDs(QD-OLED vs. LCD vs. OLED vs QLED Pros and Cons), with a full-array direct-type backlight, richer color levels, and more obvious black-and-white contrast. In terms of HDR, the Samsung Q80C TV adopts Q HDR12X technology, which is stronger than the Samsung Q70C TV of the same series in terms of color richness and layering.

Samsung Q80C TV Picture quality

At the same time, this Samsung Q80C TV has added eye protection mode and neural network design to increase the contrast of the TV foreground, so that the TV screen has a stronger sense of depth while increasing the protection of the eyes to meet the needs of users.

On the dynamic video display, Samsung Q80C TV has added 4K 120HZ screen refresh rate, MEMC motion compensation, VRR variable refresh rate support, and Samsung's exclusive FreeSync Premium pro technology, reducing the frame and tearing and making the whole picture smoother.

Samsung Q80C TV Sound effects​

The Samsung Q80C TV continues the Q Symphony in terms of sound effects, voice tracking OTS, and the newly introduced Dolby Atmos in 2022, making the overall sound effect more stereoscopic.


Samsung Q80C TV Hardware​

The memory of Samsung Q80C TV is 32GB+3GB, the CPU is quad-core A72, and the interface is 4 HDMI2.0. It has less memory and is not equipped with HDMI2.1 interface.

Is Samsung Q80C TV good?​

The conclusion is that the Samsung Q80C TV is OK. But in terms of its configuration and price, it is indeed not cost-effective. After all, the appearance and texture are not particularly good, and the hardware configuration and other aspects do not have many advantages compared with TVs of the same price.


It is difficult to balance the burn-in of the OLED display itself and the short lifespan of related organic materials with the high price and high cost of the product.