Samsung Unveils 2024 Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs with NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor


Samsung has provided a sneak peek into its 2024 TV lineup ahead of the CES 2024, featuring an array of televisions, including QLED, Neo QLED (Mini LED), OLED, and Micro LED TVs. The new series promises enhanced image and sound quality, coupled with AI features supported by Samsung Knox, aiming to elevate and enrich consumers' lifestyles.

Neo QLED 8K with NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor: Leading the pack is Samsung's latest Neo QLED 8K, equipped with the cutting-edge NQ8 AI Gen3 processor. Boasting a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) speed twice that of its predecessor and an increased neural network count from 64 to 512, this TV ensures crystal-clear details across all on-screen content.

Samsung CES 2024 Neo QLED 8K TV.jpg

Key Features and Enhancements:

8K AI Upscaling Pro Technology: Leveraging NQ8 AI Gen3, this super-resolution technology enhances low-resolution content, providing an impressive 8K upgrade for a heightened viewing experience.

AI Motion Enhancer Pro: Addressing common issues like ball distortion in sports broadcasts, this feature, powered by NQ8 AI Gen3, automatically detects motion types and applies appropriate ball detection models, ensuring a lifelike representation of fast-paced events.

Real Depth Enhancer Pro: By precisely controlling Micro LED with AI, this feature adds various details to scenes with rapid movement, making images appear more three-dimensional and realistic.

Infinity Air Design: With a thickness of only 12.9mm, the Neo QLED 8K achieves impeccable picture quality, providing an immersive viewing experience. Its unique mirror-like effect creates a floating appearance in the surrounding environment.

2024 Q-Symphony: Allowing users to connect multiple wireless speakers and soundbars to the TV or projector, this feature ensures seamless audio synchronization between programs, movies, and playlists.

Active Voice Amplifier Pro: Samsung's proprietary AI dialogue enhancement feature utilizes deep learning technology to improve on-screen dialogue and sound significantly. It isolates voices from mixed audio, enhancing voice inputs, and allowing users to independently adjust dialogue volume and other audio levels.

Samsung's 2024 Neo QLED TV series, spearheaded by the Neo QLED 8K with the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, promises a new level of home entertainment. Packed with innovative features and enhancements, this lineup aims to deliver an immersive and enriched viewing experience for consumers.