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    When will Samsung QE98QN100B come out

    When will Samsung QE98QN100B come out in Europe? I have found some specs of this Samsung QE98QN100B as follow. 98 inches (~247 cm) Definition: 4K Brightness: Up to 5000:1 Panel: 10-bit, 100Hz and QLC (Quantum Light Control) coating Backlight: Mini LED with Quantum Matrix Processor: New...
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    Samsung KQ98QNB100 Neo QLED TV Specs Review

    Samsung has launched a new 98-inch Neo QLED TV in South Korea. Compared to last year's model, this year's 98-inch TV features 4K resolution, higher brightness, better picture quality, and more powerful speakers, and is priced at 45,000,000 won in South Korea. Samsung KQ98QNB100 Neo QLED TV...