Sharp/NEC team up to bring 6200 lumens laser projection

Sharp and NEC announced that a laser projector, model P627UL, will be introduced at ISC 2023, January 31 - February 3.

sharp and nec projector.jpeg

The P627UL laser projector is said to have a brightness drop of up to 6200 ANSI lumens and can project up to 300 inches, making it a great viewing experience even in sunny days. The laser projector supports 1920x1200 resolution images and officially says it will have an operating life of 20,000 hours. For such a high brightness laser projection, heat dissipation is a huge problem, although the official did not announce the specific heat dissipation program, but according to the official information disclosed: " eco-mode operation generates 22 decibels of noise " information, but still very promising.