sony SONY TV users must-see: Don't unplug the Sony TV after power off

after pressing the off button on the remote control, the TV is in fact the presence of a standby interface, so there is a benefit that is switched on standby There is no start-up advertisement, but is there any negative impact on our Sony Smart TV in this state ? I also asked where the physical switch of the Sony TV is, for the same reason.

First of all, the current TV set has no physical switch (it is a mechanical switch, and the TV is completely powered off after pressing it). I remember that the physical switch was only available during the CRT period.

Then I asked if I want to turn off the power and shut down completely.

There is no need to completely power off the TV set (of course, fear of thunder). Many of today's electronic products are equipped with an intelligent operating system, and the concept of shutdown was diluted from the beginning. For example, the default shutdown of the Windows system is sleep. The meaning of sleep is that you do not need to save all the work at hand before shutting down, but directly enter the sleep mode, only power the memory, and the power consumption can be ignored, and then when you wake up the system again At the time, one is to wake up in almost seconds, and then all the work you have done before (such as you are editing PPT) can continue to do immediately. My own notebook will only shut down if the windows system update needs to be restarted. I usually close the lid and sleep.

The same is true for TVs. Sony's new TVs have an Android system. If the power is completely cut off, it takes more than 30 seconds to restart the Android system coldly, and it will take a while for the system to load all backgrounds after the power is turned on, and the cold start phase The power consumption of TV sets is relatively high. If you just press the power button of the remote control to "shut down" when the power is on, the TV enters the ultra-low power standby mode, the power consumption is less than 0.5W, and the power consumption is negligible. , The image comes out immediately (when HDMI signal input is connected).

In addition, a preventive shot is given to someone who likes to drill the horns of the horns and says that you do n’t want to pull the plug for a long time. Is n’t that nonsense? If you are not home for a long time, you should turn off the main power switch at your home.

When the TV is just in standby, the background will continue to work for a few minutes, and then sleep. Therefore, the power consumption of the stand-by test is of course high. After waiting for a while, the standby power consumption of the TV is definitely lower than 0.5W.