Sony VPL-XW5000 projector review, is it good?


A few days ago, Sony launched this year's new projector, Sony VPL-XW5000.

Sony VPL-XW5000 projector.jpg

Featuring a native 4K SXRD panel (3840 x 2160) and Sony's upgraded X1 image processor designed specifically for the projector, the VPL-XW7000 has been optimized and improved to support unique features such as Dynamic HDR Enhancement and Dynamic Item-by-Image Super Resolution.

With new wide dynamic range optical technology, the VPL-XW7000 laser light source achieves its full potential with 3200 lumens of brightness and vivid color enhancement. Powered by TRILUMINOS PRO technology, the VPL-XW7000 can cover a color gamut of up to 95% DCI-P3. Even in bright living spaces, images with natural skin tones and rich colors can be projected.

The VPL-XW7000 projector is also equipped with a new high-definition focusing (ACF) lens that features an aspherical front element and a floating focus system to provide excellent clarity and outstanding display of detail on the large screen.

Also worth mentioning is that the VPL-XW7000 features an input latency reduction mode that supports 2K 120Hz input with a latency of 13ms, greatly improving display responsiveness to ensure a better gaming experience for gaming gamers. This also makes the VPL-XW7000 one of the ideal choices for immersive enjoyment of movies, sports games, and gaming.

Compared to the VPL-VW798, the VPL-XW7000 is 20% smaller and 30% lighter, with a sophisticated and compact design that fits more easily into all types of rooms and has many user-friendly features.

Sony VPL-XW5000 projector picture effect

Sony VPL-XW5000 projector picture 2.jpg

Sony VPL-XW5000 projector picture effect 2.jpg
Sony VPL-XW5000 projector picture effect.jpg
Sony VPL-XW5000 projector picture.jpg


Sony says you can expect about 20 milliseconds of latency at 4K 60Hz, while at 2K 120Hz Sony says to expect 13 milliseconds, which is competitive with the best gaming TVs.