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SONY X90J VS. X91J VS. X95J Review, Which is better?


The major 2021 SONY TV models have all been released, with the X90J(X91J) and X95J attracting the most attention. Let's see the comparative review.

Screen Sizes50" / 55" / 65" / 75"85"65" / 75"/ 85"
Display TechnologyFull-Array LEDFull-Array LEDFull-Array LED
Display Resolution4K HDR4K HDR4K HDR
Picture ProcessorCognitive Processor XRX1 4K HDR ProcessorCognitive Processor XR
ContrastXR Contrast Booster 5X-tended Dynamic RangeXR Contrast Booster 10
Motion TechnologyXR Motion Clarity (120Hz)X-Motion Clarity (120Hz)XR Motion Clarity (120Hz)
Enhanced Viewing AngleX-Wide Angle/X-Anti Reflection
Google TV/Hey GoogleYesYesYes
Works With Alexa
Apple Airplay

The main difference between X90J and X91j is the appearance, if you want 85" large screen you can choose X91j. Now, let's check out SONY X90J and SONY X95J.

Sony X90J VS. X95J

SONY X90J VS. X91J VS. X95J Review

In terms of appearance design, SONY X90J has abandoned the ultra-narrow frame of X9000H series, and turned to the current mainstream full screen design, using seamless splintered frame design. SONY X95J also uses bezel-less design, upgraded to aluminum alloy integrated edge like Z9J, with metal wire drawing process, when the TV is off the screen, you can only see a whole black panel, the overall visual effect is very strong.

The main difference between X90J and X95J is in brightness performance.
SONY X90J VS. X91J VS. X95J Review

In the Dolby Vision movie, the difference in brightness between the SONY X90J and X95J is very small, but the picture is still different. The SKIN color of the X95J is more suitable for the human eye, while the SKIN color of the X90J is slightly redder. Not only that, SONY X95J in the film dark details performance, also significantly better control, closer to the TRANSPARENT OLED TV.

SONY X90J VS. X91J VS. X95J Review

For Alita, SONY X95J is more yellow, and the picture of X90J tends to feel cold white. Although many people prefer the feeling of X90J, the color of X95J is closer to the original film, showing the sense of the director's color.

SONY X90J VS. X91J VS. X95J Review

In the performance of facial details, not only can we see the difference in color, but also the SONY X95J has more facial details, and the complex facial lines are very clear.

SONY X90J VS. X91J VS. X95J Review

SONY X90J VS. X91J VS. X95J Review
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In summary:

SONY's X90J and X95J are both excellent TVs, while the X95J is superior in terms of peak brightness, black control, image enhancement, etc. Apart from these upgrades, the two TVS are almost the same under SONY's excellent tuning. It can be said that SONY's X90J and X95J's native screen performance is similar. The difference is that the X95J has slight post-processing of the picture, which is more pleasing to the audience's eyeballs.



If you want to pursue cost performance, SONY X90J in all aspects of the performance is very good, the performance of the original picture quality is also very good.


SONY X90J 65inch is $1498 now, X95J 65inch is $1998, $500 higher. I think the X90j is a better choice, most cost-effective tv indeed.


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