Sony Z9K vs. Sony A95K vs. Sony X95K TV Comparison Review


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The new 2022 Sony products include Sony's latest TV technology. The newly upgraded Sony Z9K 8K TV with mini LED backlight is probably the best LCD TV you can buy. If the budget is not that high, there is also the 4K Sony X95K as a mini LED option. And the A95K is the first QD-OLED TV that Sony has brought to us. This article will compare these three popular 2022 Sony TVs.

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1. Appearance

Sony Z9K design.jpg

Sony Z9K and last year's Z9J in the appearance of not much difference, the mini LED-backlit LCD panel will not be very thick. This flagship 8K TV features a very thin silver bezel and a stand that tapers to the sides. Because the Sony Z9K is so wide in both sizes 75" and 85", you can mount the stand in three positions to fit your TV table, or to provide space for your soundbar.

Sony A95K Design.jpg

The A95K has a very aesthetically pleasing and unique design. The very thin bezel is smartly visible from the front, making the screen flush with the desktop. Its stand can be placed completely at the back, but of course, you can also reverse it to the front to make the TV more wall-mounted.

Sony X95K Design.jpg

The Sony X95K uses a similar stand to the Z9K, which you can place at either end of the TV or near the middle so you can place the TV on a narrow TV stand. As with the A95K, the X95K will work with Sony's new Bravia Cam (purchased separately).

2. Picture Quality

Cognitive Processor XR processor.jpg

Equipped with the Bravia XR processor, the Sony Z9K TV features the exclusive XR Backlight Master Drive algorithm. This algorithm, combined with XR Triluminos Pro's advanced imaging technology, results in brighter and more vibrant TV images. Sony's unique algorithm can effectively place backlight overflow, and it can reach a peak brightness of 4000 nits

sony XR Backlight Master Drive.jpg

The pristine 8K resolution is complemented by stunning Mini LED contrast, making this probably the best image LED TV you can buy(With an adequate budget), the intelligent cognitive processor XR and Sony's exclusive algorithm technology will deliver an unparalleled viewing experience. Its amazing brightness, contrast and color will be good.

QD-OLED panel technology has been long-awaited, and the Sony A95K TV lives up to that expectation. The use of QD-OLED panels makes the A95K the brightest OLED TV Sony has ever produced. The addition of the Intelligent Cognitive Processor XR and XR Triluminos Max brings a higher level of image quality to the A95K. (What is QD-OLED)

The image level of the X95K is excellent. Also as a mini-LED backlit TV the Sony X95K gives us excellent contrast and brightness. Of course, it is also supported by Sony's powerful intelligent cognitive processor XR.

3. Sound

sony Acoustic Multi-Audio™ technology.jpg

All three 2022 Sony TVs support Acoustic Multi-Audio. Sony A95K and X95K have the same audio configuration, 2.2 60W, while the more expensive Z9K is equipped with an 85W audio system.

Acoustic Multi-Audio™ technology includes four tweeters to ensure that high-frequency sound comes from the right place on the stage, matching exactly what is happening on the screen.

4. Size

Sony Z9K:
Sony Z9K 75"
Sony Z9K 85"

Sony A95K

Sony A95K 55"
Sony A95K 65"

Sony X95K

Sony X95K 65"
Sony X95K 75"
Sony X95K 85"


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The X95K is an LCD TV, so even with Sony's X-Wide Angle technology, its off-angle viewing experience will be compromised


The A95K offers significant advantages over regular OLED TVs and positions QD-OLED as a viable bright room/living room alternative to the best LED models.