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  1. S

    Sony X95J VS X95K Review Comparison: What's the difference?

    The Sony X95J is a 2021 model. In 2.22, Sony released its upgraded X95K. So, Sony X95J vs Sony X95K, what's the difference? Compared with the previous generation X95J, the X95EK has several significant changes: higher brightness, fuller colors, better black field performance, and more...
  2. Felia

    Sony A95K vs Sony X95K, How to choose?

    Sony A95K and Sony X95K are both new TVs released in 2022, they are widely popular in the market and, people are very confused about what the difference is between these two TVs. In fact, these are two different series of TVs launched by Sony, and apart from the difference in display technology...
  3. 5

    Sony A95K Or Sony X95K, which would you choose?

    Sony A95K Or Sony X95K, which would you choose?
  4. OldCooper

    Sony X95K vs. A95K TV, What's the difference?

    The new Sony products released this year are a sight to behold, and with the upcoming release of the Sony X95K and A95K, you will want to know more about these two TVs. This article will introduce what is the difference between Sony X95K and Sony A95K TVs. 1. Size First of all, Sony X95K TV...
  5. M

    Sony X90K vs. Sony X95K, which would you choose?

    Sony X90K and Sony X95K are both 2022 new LED TVs, which one would you choose?
  6. Shelby_Compare

    Sony X90K vs. Sony X95K vs. Sony X90J TV Comparison Review

    LED TVs have a wide color gamut and long life span, making them the first choice for many buyers when shopping for a TV. For 2022, Sony is bringing us new technology along with a new LED TV, the Sony X90K, and the X95K with Mini LED. last year's X90J is still hot this year. This article will...
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    Is Sony Z9K TV worth buying compare to X95K?

    Is Sony Z9K TV worth buying compare to X95K? Sony Z9K is 8K, and X95K is 4K, but the price of Z9K is high for sure.
  8. SuperM

    Sony Z9K vs. Sony X95K TV, which is better?

    Sony Z9K is the new 2022 flagship 8K TV with Mini LED panel to bring higher contrast ratio. Sony A95K, the first QD-OLED TV, gives us amazing image quality. This article will compare what are the differences between the two TVs. Model Name Sony Z9K Sony X95K Model Year 2022 2022 Display...
  9. Tommy_tvs

    Sony Z9K vs. Sony A95K vs. Sony X95K TV Comparison Review

    The new 2022 Sony products include Sony's latest TV technology. The newly upgraded Sony Z9K 8K TV with mini LED backlight is probably the best LCD TV you can buy. If the budget is not that high, there is also the 4K Sony X95K as a mini LED option. And the A95K is the first QD-OLED TV that Sony...
  10. K

    Does Sony X95K support HDMI2.1 and HDR10+?

    Sony X95K is a new model in 2022, I'm wondering if it has an HDMI2.1 port and HDR10+?
  11. M

    Sony X95K Review: Sony's Best 4Kmini-LED TV

    With the buzz around the Sony A95K being the first to use QD-OLED display technology, it might be easy to overlook the fact that Sony will also bring its first mini-LED backlit TV to market in 2022. The Sony X95K TV reviewed today is Sony's best 4K mini-LED backlit TV, will it offer OLED-like...
  12. V

    Sony X95K vs X90K TVs, what's the difference?

    Sony has launched many new TVs in 2022, including SONY X95K and SONY X90K, so what is different between these two models? Let's take a look. Sony X95K: Sony X90K: 1. Picture quality Judging from the measured picture quality, the Sony X95K TV has higher color richness and brighter colors...
  13. Tommy_tvs

    Sony X95K vs. X90K vs. X85K vs. X80K TV Comparison Reveiw

    As much-anticipated new products in 2022, Sony TVs bring us a lot of new technology. For those of you who don't know the difference between these models, I've given you a list of the four Sony X95K vs. X90K vs. X85K vs. X80K TVs, so let's see what the differences are...
  14. F

    Sony X95K mini LED TV Specs, Is it good?

    With all the buzz around the Sony A95K, the first TV to use QD-OLED display technology, it might be easy to overlook the fact that Sony will also bring its first mini-LED-backlit TV, the Sony X95K, to market in 2022. Let's see the Specs of it, and see if it is good. XR Backlight Master Drive is...