Sport Movie: Review The Blind Side


In football games, you can often see a person holding a ball running like a rabbit holding a carrot, and a group of wolves are chasing him. Hunting and interception often take place behind the player, where he is invisible and incapable of protecting himself, there are his opponents and his teammates; it takes him courage and trust, which is called the blind side .

Everyone has a "blind side", no matter how powerful or weak you are, on the long road of life, when you strive forward, on the side that you can't see, you need someone to guard. Sometimes, that is not a weakness, it is your love and trust in others.

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The Blind Side is a story about rugby. Mike, the protagonist of the film, is one of thousands of inspirational blacks. He was also born in the muddy mud, which is same as Maggie in the " Million Dollar Baby".

However, Mike was more fortunate than Maggie and he met Mrs. Taosi. Mrs. Taosi, played by Sandra Bullock, adopted Michael Oher and trained him as a rugby player, making him feel the warmth of the family. The relationship between the youngest son SJ and Michael is one of the most moving parts of the film. At the first meeting, SJ said to Michael, "You have to smile at them so they know you are friends." So Michael learned to smile.

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When Michael couldn't get along with the team, Mrs. Taoxi said to him, "You don't need to think about intercepting your opponent first, just think about protecting your teammates and preventing him from being knocked down. If I or SJ is in danger, you will Protect us? Your teammates are your family. "

"The power of the family is far greater than you think."

By the way, I want to say thanks to those who are always supporting me, especially my mum. 😘

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