TCL T7G TV Review, 4K 144Hz, 1000 nits


TCL announced the new T7G Electric Blue True High Brush TV II on August 22, and according to the latest official information, the series will feature 4K 144Hz + 1000 nits peak brightness. How is TCL T7G TV review?

The T7G T7G TV will be available in 55-inch, 65-inch and 85-inch models, priced at 4499, 5999 and 10999 RMB respectively.

TCL T7G TV.png

TCL T7G series TV will be equipped with 4GB memory and 64GB flash memory, processor is 4 core A73. screen color gamut is 96% DCI-P3, support VRR variable refresh rate, speaker power up to 40W.

TCL T7G.png

According to the official introduction, TCL T7G Electric Blue True High Brush TV II adopts high zoning backlight, with high brightness, high brush, high match, etc. What do you think of the TCL T7G TV? Is it worth buying?