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    TCL A62 TV Review: is it good?

    Recently, TCL TV sub-brand Leroy will launch a new TV, the TCL A62. This TV supports professional K-song and Dolby DTS cinema experience, and is a new product focusing on home positioning. So is the TCL A62 good? let's see. 1. TCL A62 TV Review System The TV supports far-field voice control...
  2. C

    TCL C735 QLED TV Specification Review: Best Game TV in 2022

    TCL's official global website has launched a TCL C735 QLED 4K TV, featuring an IMAX Enhanced gaming TV. Let's see how this TCL C735 specification review goes. 1. TCL C735 Review Appearance The TCL C735 has an extremely slim body, so it takes up a particularly small amount of space and blends...
  3. Jefferyss

    TCL T7E TV Review, 4K 144Hz

    On April 20, TCL T7E's new TV opened for pre-sale, providing 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch and 98-inch 5 options. TCL T7E TV focuses on "electric blue true high refresh rate", which supports all-channel 4K 144Hz, i.e. 4K 144Hz high brush screen + 4K 144Hz chip + 4K 144Hz VRR + ALLM...
  4. Samuel Miller

    TCL T8E Max QLED TV Review, is it good?

    TCL T8E Max new QLED TV opened for pre-sale, 65-inch TCL T8E Max is priced at 4,999 yuan($785), 75-inch TCL T8E Max is priced at 6,999 yuan($1099). Let's see what highlights of this TV. 1. Picture TCL T8E Max is a quantum dot QLED TV with TCL's 6th generation primary color quantum dot...
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    TCL 6 Series QLED TV with Mini LED Reviews

    The TCL6 series is often the most recommended model for TCL by mainstream TV buyers. In recent years, TCL has provided commendable performance and simple Roku TV software at a reasonable price. Coupled with the addition of Mini LED technology, it is relatively excellent in terms of video...