The difference between Fresnel screen and UST ALR screen...

Ultra-short-throw special screens are also called ultra-short-throw anti-light screens. There are currently two common types on the market: one is an UST ALR screen (linear prism structure), and the other is a Fresnel screen. Both of them is the name of two different optical structures, not a product name, nor a brand name. Both rely on special optical structures to achieve directional reflection, and have a high anti-light effect compared to ordinary screens.

Fresnel anti-light principle:

The surface of the Fresnel screen is covered with semi-circular lines from large to small. This semi-circular structure only brightens and darkens the projected light below the center of the circle, that is, it only reflects the light emitted from the projector position, so as to enhance the brightness of the picture and resist the Light effect, so that the picture quality is closer to the TV.

UST ALR anti-light principle:

The surface passes through the TPU special prism,which absorbs or blocks the interference light source above,and reflflects the
light source projected by the laser TV brlow in parallel to the viewer's eyes.

1) the screen brightness
UST ALR structure: The general gain of the UST ALR screen is 0.4-0.5. Of course, the original UST ALR screen can also be coated, which can not only correct the color temperature of the original film, but also improve the gain.


Fresnel screen: The unique semicircular structure can effectively focus the reflected light, thereby improving the brightness of the screen, making the gain of the best viewing angle reach 1.0, and the brightness effect on the front is excellent.
Compared with the front brightness, the screen brightness of the UST ALR is inferior to that of the Fresnel. Many people who like the Fresnel screen are pursuing its high brightness.

2) Viewing angle
UST ALR SCREEN: The structure is a parallel prism structure, the advantage of this structure is that there is almost no viewing angle problem.

▲ 120" VIVIDSTORM UST ALR SCREEN; Front effect



Fresnel structure: Because of the principle of concave mirror, the brightness can be focused within a certain range, that is, the position in front of the screen.
The Fresnel structure screen has a relatively narrow viewing angle, deviating from the center of the screen at a certain angle, and the brightness of the screen begins to seriously attenuate.

3) screen size
UST ALR structure: At present, the maximum size of the UST ALR screen can only be 120 inches, while the Frenel screen can be 150 inches, and even larger size commercial display projects can be met by splicing technology.

4) Soft and hard structure:
UST ALR structure: both soft and hard screens are available, meeting the needs of different consumers.

Fresnel structure: The mature solution of the screen so far has been a hard screen, because of its special optical structure and material reasons, it cannot be made into a soft screen.

Through the above four points, the difference in effect between Fresnel and UST ALR screen can be roughly described. Both have their own advantages. You can choose according to your personal needs.