Tick Box and other Kodi boxes are not working?


It dives into why this is the end for now of the free pirate ship ride. From the article:

"If you bought one and it’s not working right now, and I’ve got some bad news for you. To start:

1. You’ve been pirating movies and TV shows this entire time. I’m sincerely sorry if you didn’t realize that. (Many of you probably did.)
2. Your box isn’t working because copyright owners are systematically shutting down the sites these piracy tools stream content from, and the Kodi add-ons that collect the streams.
3. It’s going to be a real pain to get the setup you had back up and running, and maintaining it will mean joining a never ending game of cat-and-mouse.
4. The box you purchased probably isn’t worth much more than $30 in terms of hardware. If you paid more than that, you were seriously ripped off, especially considering that any work the seller did setting up will need to be constantly redone by you to keep it working.

Again, I’m sorry if you’re hearing any of this from me for the first time. But before you run to Twitter or Facebook to demand that Kodi give you a refund, I’ve got to tell you something else: you didn’t buy this box from Kodi.