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What are LCOS projectors?What're its advantages?


1. LCOS projection technology

LCOS generally refers to Liquid Crystal On Silicon, a new reflective micro LCD projection technology that uses a matrix liquid crystal with a very small size as the display device. From the structure of the display device, a CMOS integrated circuit chip coated with liquid crystal silicon is used as the substrate of the reflective LCD. The CMOS substrate is formed by smoothing and plating aluminum as a reflector with an advanced process, and then the CMOS substrate is laminated to a glass substrate containing transparent electrodes and then injected into the liquid crystal package.

Its working principle is that the light beam of the light bulb light source first through the focusing lens, focus on the light projected onto the filter; then the light beam through the polarization beam splitter or dichroic mirror on the beam will be divided into three red, green and blue different colors of light. The light beams of the three colors come into contact with the LCOS miniature device, and the light is reflected from the miniature device through the prism to be combined, and then projected into the projection lens, which magnifies the image to form the image.

LCOS projection technology

Image from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquid_crystal_on_silicon)

2. Advantages of LCOS projector

In fact, LCOS projection technology is very similar to LCD technology, but LCOS uses reflective projection, the light utilization efficiency of more than 40%, and the use of good LCOS projection technology can be produced at a lower cost out of the image effect of better projection products. Of course, the process improvement and refinement can further improve the resolution. In short, the advantages of LCOS projectors are high light utilization, high resolution, and low production cost.

LCOS projection technology


LCOS technology for the production requirements are relatively high, the panel production yield needs to be guaranteed, which is also one of the disadvantages