1. Radiohead

    LCOS vs. DLP, What's the difference?

    LCOS and DLP are both display technologies, of which DLP is the technology commonly used in home projectors today, while LCOS technology is not commonly used, but recently Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector has used this technology. So what's the difference between LCOS and DLP? 1. DLP...
  2. S

    What does LCOS mean in Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector?

    What does LCOC mean in Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector? I saw that Xiaomi recently came out with a new laser projection, Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector, using LCOS technology, what does this mean and what are the advantages.
  3. Adney

    Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector Review, 2022 new LCOS projector

    At the end of March, Xiaomi released an ultra-short throw full-color laser cinema projector, it comes with LCOS technology with 1400 ANSI lumens. Here is the review. 1. Appearance design Xiaomi full-color laser cinema with white as the main color, the front audio wrapped in gray cloth...
  4. Emma

    CRT vs. LCD vs. DLP vs. LCOS, Introduction of projector technology

    Projection technology is generally divided into CRT, LCD, DLP, LCOS. 1. CRT projection technology CRT projection technology is the earliest realization, the most widely used display technology, the application of CRT technology projector is also known as Cathode Ray Tube projector, it is...
  5. Elena

    What are LCOS projectors?What're its advantages?

    1. LCOS projection technology LCOS generally refers to Liquid Crystal On Silicon, a new reflective micro LCD projection technology that uses a matrix liquid crystal with a very small size as the display device. From the structure of the display device, a CMOS integrated circuit chip coated with...