What are TV backlight partitions? Are TV backlight partitions important?


When many users buy a TV, they give priority to picture quality, sound effects, and TV performance. Apart from the hardware, another important parameter that affects the picture quality of a TV is the TV backlight partition.

What are TV backlight partitions?​

To put it simply, the TV backlight partition is to divide the LED lamp beads on the back panel of the TV into multiple areas, and each area can be controlled independently, so that the contrast between light and dark of the TV screen will be better. When using a picture with strong contrast, the black picture will appear white, which will greatly affect the viewing experience.

Are TV backlight partitions important?​

TV backlight partitioning is very important. OLED TVs are self-illuminating and have no backlight partitions. Other LED LCD TVs have backlight lamp beads, and partitioning is to control these lamp beads more finely. When watching TV, the contrast of the bright and dark parts of the picture can be improved, and the picture effect is better. Therefore, the emergence of backlight partitions has made a qualitative leap in the TV display effect.

Turn off the backlight partition:

Turn off the backlight partition

Turn on the backlight partition:

Turn on the backlight partition

If there are enough backlight partitions, the picture quality must be good?​

No, good TV picture quality cannot depend solely on a certain technology, but should be considered comprehensively. Whether the TV picture quality is excellent or not depends not only on the backlight partition, but also on the corresponding hardware conditions. Many consumers blindly pursue higher backlight partitions while ignoring the most core and basic quality of TV panels, which is a bit of a waste of money.