What concerns when buying a projector for the world cup?



What concerns when buying a projector for the world cup?​

Projection brightness​

Projection brightness refers to the intensity of light output from the projector product to the screen, and also the brightness of the projected image. Under normal circumstances, the higher the brightness of the projector, the brighter the image of the same size projected onto the screen, and the clearer the image.

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Color gamut​

Color gamut refers to the range of colors, measuring the maximum color gamut area projected by the three primary colors (red, blue and green) as a percentage of the area against the entire spectral track of the CIE1976 uniform color space. The higher the value, the better and more vivid the relative picture quality.

Contrast ratio​

Contrast ratio is the ratio of the brightness of the brightest area to the darkest area in the projector's output image, which can affect the projector's gray level performance and color level performance. Generally speaking, the higher the contrast ratio, the more vivid and three-dimensional the image will be.


Resolution, also called standard resolution or physical resolution, is determined by the projector's internal display chip. It refers to the maximum sharpness of the picture that the projector can render, expressed as horizontal pixel dots x vertical pixel dots. The higher the number of dots, the clearer and more detailed the picture.

Smart Features​

In terms of functional experience (interaction), you can focus on whether the projector has features such as keystone correction, auto-focus, screen alignment (into the screen), intelligent obstacle avoidance, and anti-eye projection.

Smart Voice​

In terms of voice, you can focus on whether the projector has near-field voice (1m), far-field voice (5m), and voice recognition accuracyd features.


Projectors vary in information such as main chip, memory (eMMC), and operational memory (DDR). You can consider whether or not to buy one depending on the configuration of the projector.


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