What does LG HDR TV mean?

Clive Carter

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HDR TV refers to a TV equipped with HDR technology. HDRhdr technology can adjust the light and dark details in the TV, so that the TV picture can be closer to the real picture effect seen by the human eye.

What does LG HDR TV mean?


HDR TV means a TV with HDR technology, which is different from a TV that supports HDR decoding.


A TV that supports HDR decoding does not necessarily have HDR technology, so even if it can decode HDR video, it cannot show the effect of HDR video.

HDR technology can synthesize the final HDR image according to the LDR image with the best detail corresponding to each exposure time, which can better reflect the visual effect in the real environment.

Under the action of HDR, the colors presented by the TV are more vivid, the blacks are deeper, and the objects in the picture are clearer and clearer. At the same time, the tones of the picture are expanded, alternating between cool and warm colors.


HDR high dynamic range imaging in computer graphics and cinematography is a group of techniques used to achieve a wider dynamic range of exposure than ordinary digital imaging techniques.

The purpose of high dynamic range imaging is to correctly represent the wide range of brightness in the real world, from direct sunlight to the darkest shadows.