What is QD-Mini LED? QD-Mini LED vs. OLED vs. QLED

Barend Ray

Three new QD-Mini LED TVs were unveiled at TCL's previous spring 2022 QD-Mini LED TV launch. In 2019, TCL released the world's first QD-Mini LED TV product, TCL X10. but many consumers do not understand what QD-Mini LED is.

This article will explain QD-Mini LED TV technology in detail, so you can understand the difference between QD-Mini LED, OLED, QLED, Mini LED and other panel technologies.

1. Two technology of TV——LED vs. OLED

LED for the more familiar LCD TV, where QLED, QD-Mini LED, Mini LED are in the LED category. Someone once described the relationship between LED, QD-Mini LED and Mini LED: "QD-Mini LED is an advanced version of Mini LED, and Mini LED is an upgraded version of LED."

The specific differences between the three are mainly in the backlight control of the fine degree of light. The backlight of traditional LED TV is operated as a whole, while Mini LED will be LED lamp beads for the reduction, you can achieve individual control switch, light control fine degree is higher.

QD-Mini LED upgrades LED inch to pixel light source based on Mini LED, and also has QLED technology.

QLED and OLED although both are diode materials, but the former full name of quantum dot light-emitting diodes, the latter full name of organic light-emitting diodes. Simply put, OLEDs are made up of individual organic light-emitting diodes, so each pixel of an OLED TV can be lit individually, and when it is turned off, it displays a purer black color. However, QLED is still a type of LED, which uses quantum dot technology to improve display quality, but is not self-illuminating.


2. What is QD-Mini LED?

QD-Mini LED filters light through liquid crystal molecules, has independent LED chip control, realizes pixel-level light control, and adds QLED technology, which can achieve ultra-high brightness and contrast, while avoiding the phenomenon of screen burning of OLED TVs.

tcl qd-mini led tv.jpg

3. What are the advantages of QD-Mini LED?

a. Super High Contrast Ratio​

QD-Mini LED has an independent LED chip control for each bead chip, which enables hardware light control and a dynamic contrast ratio of 10 million:1.

b. Ultra High Brightness​

The number of QD-Mini LED bead chips is more than ten times that of ordinary LED TVs, with a peak brightness of over 1000-3000nit.

c. Ultra High Color Gamut​

QD-Mini LED equipped with QLED technology allows the color gamut to be upgraded as well, such as the TCL QD-Mini LED TV can reach 157% (BT.709).

d. Super Long Life​

QD-Mini LED uses inorganic nanocrystalline quantum dot material, which has a much longer lifespan than OLED.

e. Ultra Large Size + Ultra High Resolution​

QD-Mini LED continues the size and resolution advantages of LCD, which is one of the advantages compared to OLED.