qd-mini led

  1. Barend Ray

    What is QD-Mini LED? QD-Mini LED vs. OLED vs. QLED

    Three new QD-Mini LED TVs were unveiled at TCL's previous spring 2022 QD-Mini LED TV launch. In 2019, TCL released the world's first QD-Mini LED TV product, TCL X10. but many consumers do not understand what QD-Mini LED is. This article will explain QD-Mini LED TV technology in detail, so you...
  2. D

    TCL QD-Mini LED X11 Display Effect User Real Test

    TCL X11 is popular on the market for its QD Mini LED technology. So how does it perform in the picture? Here is a real display test of TCL X11 TV from users. TCL X11 applies the third-generation Mini LED technology QD-Mini LED. Because the LED components used in quantum dot Mini LED...
  3. Elena

    TCL X11 QD-Mini LED TV Review, 2022 New TV

    TCL TVs rank in the top three in terms of sales, and the new 2022 products are living up to expectations. As a new QD-Mini LED product in 2022, TCL X11 has amazing hardware configuration, Quantum Dot wide color gamut, Mini LED backlight, thousands of light control partitions, and 2000 nits peak...
  4. WilliamP

    What is QD-Mini LED in TCL X12 TV?

    What is QD-Mini LED in TCL X12 TV? This article will help you understand this technology. Throughout the TV market in the previous years, the battle between OLED TV and QLED TV can be a good show. As a technological upgrade of LCD, QLED inherits all the advantages of LCD. By precisely...
  5. Barton7

    TCL C12E TV with new QD-Mini LED, is it good?

    2022 TCL QD-Mini LED spring conference was held as scheduled, in this conference, TCL brought a new third-generation QD-Mini LED technology and three new products using this technology, including the TCL C12E TV series, which can be seen as an upgraded version of C12. The third generation...
  6. P

    TCL Releases X11 Series QD-mini LED Smart Screen

    TCL has launched the X11 series of QD-mini LED smart screens, which are available in 65, 75 and 85 inches. Officially, TCL QD-Mini LED combines the advantages of LCD and OLED to upgrade traditional surface light sources to pixel-level point light sources. At the same time, combined with QLED...