What is TV box for?


Some friends say they don't know what the TV box is for. Here is a brief introduction. Hope that helps you.

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The main full-time job is online on-demand, which requires annual membership fees. The functions are very similar to smart TVs, with a lot of overlap. The main feature is to support WiFi, support voice assistant, basically Android system, can install third-party software, support Bluetooth, support mobile phone screen projection, AV interface, HDMI interface, USB interface, there is a simple design of the remote control.

There are hardware such as CPU, GPU, running memory, storage space, etc. There is a lot of overlap in functionality with smart TVs, so the functionality and usefulness of a smart network set-top box:
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1. Connect the old non-smart TV, transform the non-smart TV into a smart TV, and let the old TV display the interface of the smart network set-top box and bring it to life.

2. When the smart TV bought a few years ago, because of the aging performance and system, it became stuck and could not be used normally, but the display function was still normal, no need to replace the new TV, connect to the smart network set-top box, and replace the system and hardware of the TV with the old TV Continue your life.

3. The smart TV at home, the system is not easy to use, not used to, or not the Android system (Samsung, LG, etc.), cannot install the software to expand the function, buy a smart network set-top box of the Android system, and replace the original operating system.

The advantage of the smart network set-top box is that although the sparrow is small and complete, it can bring the TV back to life at a low price.

The disadvantage is that the cec function is not popular, which means that users often need two remote controls, and the medium and low-end boxes have a degrading effect on the picture quality. Therefore, it is best to match the mid-to-high-end TV with the mid-to-high-end box, and the low-end TV does not matter .

Common smart network set-top box brands on the market include Fire TV box, Roku TV box, Xiaomi Box, Apple TV box, etc.