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    AppleTV vs Shield TV: Pros and Cons

    Many people buy AppleTV and Shield TV, mainly to build a home theater environment. With 5.1 channel sound bar + 4K high-definition display, such as Sony Samsung or projector. Then use Apple TV's Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to create a personal Dolby Cinema. I have used both of these TV boxes...
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    What is TV box for?

    Some friends say they don't know what the TV box is for. Here is a brief introduction. Hope that helps you. The main full-time job is online on-demand, which requires annual membership fees. The functions are very similar to smart TVs, with a lot of overlap. The main feature is to support...
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    Is it possible for iOS system to allow app sideloading?

    On April 8, Apple shared a new App Store research report, describing its built-in apps as not having a complete monopoly, in an attempt to defuse regulatory pressure. The study comes as Apple is facing antitrust regulatory lawsuits and concerns over app prioritization and abuse of dominance on...
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    How to watch Apple TV + on the projector from iphone?

    How to watch Apple TV + on the projector from iPhone? Many users will use their iPhone or iPad to watch Apple TV+ content, but find that they cannot cast directly to a projection or TV or connect to a projection or TV via lightening to HDMI. When linking external display devices, DRM...
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    Apple TV 4K Key Features and shortcomings

    Apple TV 4k was recently updated to tvOS 11.2 and now Amazon's recently launched Prime Video app and Apple's own TV app are rolling out internationally. Let's see what's the main features and shortcomings of Apple TV 4K. Apple TV 4K Key Features Video Formats: HD/4K Dolby Vision and HDR10...
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    How to make Apple TV work with my television?

    If you buy an Apple TV for the forst time, you may ask how to make Apple TV work with my television? There are two steps to do this: connect your Apple TV to the television and set up the Apple TV. Here are the detailed guides. How to connect Apple TV with your television? 1. First, connect...