What should you know about blu-ray CD?

Leonord D

A blu-ray disc player uses a blue laser to read files on the disk. Because blue light has a shorter wavelength, it can read denser discs. Blu-ray Disk is one of the standards of the next generation of DVD, dominated by SONY and Toshiba, with SONY, Panasonic, Philips as the core, and supported by Pioneer, Hitachi, Samsung, LG and other giants. Blu-ray discs are more than five times larger than existing DVDS (which typically have a capacity of 4.7 GB) and can record 13 hours of regular TV or 2 hours of high-definition TV.

(1) What are DB25, DB50 in blu-ray CD?

DB25, DB50 in blu-ray CD refers to the content capacity of the blu-ray disk to write, DB25 about 20~25GB, DB50 about 35~50GB, obviously the larger the capacity of the video quality is better, but not absolutely. We suggest that you support the legal version. Take the D version of the blu-ray disc as an example, DB25 disk is generally single-sided single-layer, the original video disk video compression to a certain extent (loss of some picture quality) and deleted the sideshow video. Also deleted the redundant audio track data, only retained the Chinese, English audio track. DB50 disk is generally single-sided double layer, because the capacity is large enough (the original disk is generally so large capacity) generally to the original video is not compressed, and as far as possible to retain the sidelights video and audio track data.

(2) Where can I buy a blu-ray movie?
On jd.com, taobao and amazon, new blu-ray films are usually priced at 2-500 yuan. When there is a good discount, you can buy a legitimate blu-ray disc for only a few dozen yuan. In fact, go to amazon overseas online shopping is also a very good choice, often have a good price. Let me remind you that all blu-ray discs are released after they are shown in cinemas. So if you like to watch movies, you should go to the cinema. D version of DB50 disk, currently about 18 yuan.

(3) What does 4k UHD mean?

4K UHD refers to the resolution of blue ray movies. 4K UHD means 4K resolution (3840×2160), while normal blue ray is 1080p resolution (1920×1080), which is close to 2K resolution. In addition to the difference in resolution, 4K UHD blu-ray also includes support for other standards, including HDR, 10bit color depth, bt.2020 color gamut, and brightness dynamic range, all of which are higher than normal blu-ray. Another benefit of 4k UHD is that it is not partitioned. Recently, the 4K UHD blu-ray movies have shown explosive development. When you choose a blu-ray disc player, you can consider 4K UHD. However, the cost of 4K UHD is not only high, including disc player, TV, etc., all to support 4K UHD. At present, most Hollywood movies are shot with 2K digital cameras, and only a few movies are shot with film (the original video resolution can reach 6K after remakes) or 4K digital cameras. Therefore, many 4K sources are fake 4K, which are converted to 4K with 2K sources. It is the same as the previous mobile phone camera 30W interpolation of 100W pixels. The fake 4K screen looks pretty much the same as a regular blue 1080P.

(4) What do dolby horizon and HDR10 mean?
Dolby Vision: improves image quality by increasing brightness and extending dynamic range. It can improve the fidelity of the video signal, so that the image is very realistic in terms of brightness, color and contrast. HDR10: HDR (High Dynamic Range) is High Dynamic Range imaging. In this, the screen should try to improve the difference between the blackest and whitest images, the blacker and the whiter. Let the screen display more natural, more comfortable. HDR 10 is an HDR standard developed and promoted in cooperation with SONY, Samsung, Microsoft and other brands. It is also the standard with the highest penetration rate at present. Speaking is a technique used to enhance the dark details and color of an image. At the current level of popularity, there are few real dolby horizons or HDR10 effects to be enjoyed. From the film source to the playback device (true 4K UHD film source, dolby vision /HDR10 blu-ray player, dolby vision /HDR10 TV, HDMI2.0 cable) to support, otherwise no effect will be achieved. For example, my home is still the old 1080P TV, bought back 4K UHD blu-ray disc with X800M2, even changed the HDMI2.0 cable, completely can not see the dolby horizon, HDR10 effect, have to change the TV. This technology is not very mature and popular, first of all, the film source is not much. When DV or HDR is turned on, some of the video sources are distorted due to abnormal color or over-saturation.

Select blu-ray disc recommendation: if you are a content user, DB50 is recommended, if you are an enthusiast or high quality requirements, then choose 4K UHD. As for dolby vision, HDR10/HDR10+, it is best to support high dynamic range technology, and it is not necessary to pursue it if not.

Do you have any recommendations for the last CD player?
One is the SONY X800 and the other is Panasonic's ub-820. These two machines are currently mid-range models with high cost performance blu-ray disc drives.