What types of streaming devices should I buy?


Streaming devices include streaming TV sticks, TV boxes, and modern game consoles. Like smart TVs, they have the latest streaming platforms. A TV connected to a streaming device is like getting a whole new smart system, especially for those with low-spec or even older TVs. Three popular streaming media devices will be introduced below, and you can choose the most suitable one according to your actual needs.

Streaming TV stick​

Amazon Fire TV Stick.jpg

Streaming sticks are very popular streaming devices, such as Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast. They are characterized by being very small and looking like a USB stick rather than a traditional set-top box type.

They connect directly to the HDMI port, and their small size means they can be hidden behind your TV. Some need to be plugged in, some can be powered via the TV's USB. If you're looking to connect smaller devices, a streaming TV stick is your best bet.

As a result, the streaming stick is smaller and less expensive than the TV box, but has access to the same apps as these larger TV boxes. But the downside is that their ROM and RAM are smaller than TV boxes.

TV box​

Apple TV.jpg

One of the best streaming devices out there is a TV box, like the Apple TV. The TV box can be connected to the TV through the HDMI port, but the larger TV box is designed to be placed on the media unit rather than hidden behind the TV. Compared to streaming TV sticks, half of them can be configured with better systems and processors, as well as larger ROM and RAM.

Game console​


There is also a streaming device called game consoles, including the Xbox 360, PlayStation3, Xbox One X, and Playstation 4 Pro, all have access to streaming apps just like traditional streamers.

Since they are also game consoles and Blu-ray players in some cases, they are often quite expensive. For example, the PlayStation 4 Pro costs almost 10 times the price of an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Compared with a streaming TV stick or a TV box, a game console does not have an advantage in streaming media. However, it is for those game lovers. So, if you love big-screen gaming, connect your console to your TV and you'll have an unprecedented gaming experience.