Why The Shape of Water could win the best Oscar movie of 2017?


James Cameron commented on Gilmore del Toro: "Gilmer's work faces the beauty and horror of life itself fearlessly. He uses children's curiosity and unabashed fear to see the world. I used to think that God of Cards was a gyro blow. After watching The Shape of Water, I believed it.

The Shape of Water

Reason for recommendation: The "clumsy" director tells about "clumsy" love, which is sinister and poignant.
Recommended crowd: Gilmour del Toro fans, love-loving babies, art setting control

Why The Shape of Water could win the best Oscar movie of 2017?
Watching tips:

1. The heroine Sally Hawkins has three to four full-length nude scenes, and the film has several bloody shots. Parents, please watch it with a minor.
2. The director loves the image of a fishman when he is a child. In his childhood, he copied countless works of fishman.
3. Interested friends can stare at the murloc in this film to see how he is similar to Abel in [Hell Baron]
4. Are you surprised by the last surprise? This Mr. Murloc is really not Abel. (Director: I do n’t want you to beat me?)

The Shape of Water movie reviews:

Let us dedicate applause to the director, to the world he created, to the love he portrayed, to the simple heart he will never give up in this X-egg world.

The villain's portrayal is very straightforward, but the movie leaves a vague point of controversy for the audience in the design of "good people". The doctor who has always helped Alyssa and Mermaid has a dual identity. He did experimental research for the US government, but it was actually a Soviet spy; he helped Alyssa rescue the mermaid and lied to the organization; he even directed Alyssa How to take care of the mermaid, sending her materials regularly, he sensed the threat, and he longed to return to the organization. He has a desire, and has his own code of conduct for good and evil.

Why The Shape of Water could win the best Oscar movie of 2017?

Interestingly, the Mandarin translation version directly translates the death line of these characters "They just clean" into "they are cleaners", this operation directly pastes the character's settings with a layer of paste. The audience's heart must have suddenly been stunned. For the long time before this humanitarian scientist has been paved for so long, will you show me this? Everyone's face was pierced, lying miserably in the rain and was shocked. The identity of the spy has been discovered long ago. He can still report his pseudonym. He did not show any desire to survive at the last moment, but he was Sell your teammates horizontally? Coincidentally, in doubt, the camera switched to the villain to find Zelda. "No names, no ranks, they just clean." I prefer him to mean innocent. Otherwise, the explanation given to a dying person to "mocking power" is far-fetched.

Why The Shape of Water could win the best Oscar movie of 2017?

And the finale of the film, Toro is still the same point, leaving a certain imagination for the audience. The design of Eliza and Mermaid in the water is too clever. Good is like water, water is inclusive, and people and things that are not understood are absolutely free in this closed environment.

Eliza's red dress is warmly and beautifully wrapped in the light and green green waves.