XGIMI RS Pro2 vs FormovieV10 Comparason Review


There are more and more brands and models of projectors, which makes it more difficult for people to choose a projector. This article will compare and introduce two popular 4K projectors: XGIMI RS Pro2 and Fengmi V10.

XGIMI RS Pro2 vs FormovieV10 Comparason Review

XGIMI RS Pro2 Projector Review​

What's in the box​

In the XGIMI RS Pro2 box, in addition to the XGIMI RS Pro2, there is a remote control, a set of remote control batteries, power cord and power adapter, and a product manual.

XGIMI RS Pro2 Projector Review


In terms of appearance, it can be seen that the XGIMI RS Pro2 is more of a continuation of the traditional projector-style, with a rectangular body with sharp edges and corners, a fleece cloth and a suspended brushed metal body.

XGIMI RS Pro2 Projector appearance

The highlight of the XGIMI RS Pro2 is the lens sliding door that can be raised and lowered automatically. When the projector is used or turned off, it will automatically drop to open/raise to close. It is beautiful and also incorporates some sense of technology.


XGIMI RS Pro2, as a representative 4K projector, uses the high-performance MT9669 flagship TV chip, with a computing power of 1 trillion times per second. Combined with the large 4G running memory, it is enough to support the XGIMI RS Pro2 to present a clear and smooth viewing experience in home scenes.

Picture quality​

With the support of excellent hardware, XGIMI RS Pro2 can easily output 4K ultra-high-definition standard projection image quality, and the picture resolution can reach 3840×2160, which can present four times the picture definition of 1080P high-definition standard.

XGIMI RS Pro2 Projector Review image

XGIMI RS Pro2 also has a screen brightness of 2200 ANSI lumens, which can ensure a clear and bright projected screen in most home scenarios, thus bringing people a large-format, high-brightness, high-quality projection experience.

From the perspective of XGIMI RS Pro2 itself, its performance in terms of hardware and image quality is sufficient to reach a good or even excellent standard.

Formovie V10 Projector Review​

What's in the box​

In the box, you can see Formovie V10 projector, remote control, a set of remote control batteries, a manual, power adapter and power cord. The difference is that there is an extra lens cleaning cloth in the box of Fengmi V10. You can use it to wipe the projector lens when it is dirty. It has to be said that the designers of Fengmi V10 are quite thoughtful.

Formovie V10 Projector Review


The design style of Formovie V10 is relatively novel, the cylindrical body is very distinctive, and the wooden texture and the delicate cloth of the body complement each other, making the exquisite body look quite elegant and artistic.

Formovie V10 Projector Review appearance


Although the price is significantly lower than that of the XGIMI RS Pro2, the Formovie V10 uses the same MT9669 high-performance chip as the XGIMI RS Pro2 in terms of hardware, and also uses a 4G large operating memory design.

Picture Quality​

Formovie V10 can present 4K resolution ultra-clear projection image quality in a 150-inch large format. Not only that, Fengmi V10 is even higher than XGIMI RS Pro2 in terms of screen brightness, reaching 2500ANSI lumens. It not only resists The ability of stray light in the environment is more similar, and the projected picture is also brighter and clearer to the naked eye.

Formovie V10 Projector Review image

Formovie V10 is also unique in the creation of sound effects. It not only has two built-in 7.5W full-range speakers, but also an independent visual subwoofer with a power of 15W. The sound effect is slightly better than the XGIMI RS Pro2 with two built-in 10W speakers.

Formovie V10 Projector Review sound


After out-of-the-box testing, the two projectors, XGIMI RS Pro2 and Formovie V10 have their own characteristics. After understanding these two popular 4K projectors, I believe that everyone will be much clearer when choosing a 4K projector.