Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano Ultra-short Throw Projector, Is it good?


On October 20, Formovie launched the Formovie R1 Nano ultra-short throw laser projector. This new product is the application of ALPD® laser display technology used in cinema laser projection rooms to home projection products.

Formovie R1 Nano

1. Ultra short throw

Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano ultra-short throw laser projector has an ultra-short throw ratio of 0.23:1, which can be placed at short or far distances to effectively improve space utilization. It only needs 25cm from the wall to project a huge picture of 80 inches. Compared with the traditional 1.2:1 long throw projector, R1 Nano can enlarge the picture more than 25 times at the same distance. R1 Nano also supports vertical placement, which can directly project clear pictures on other planes. Equipped with a customized bracket, the projected picture can be adjusted freely, which can be applied to more scenarios.

2. Configuration

R1 Nano has a brightness of 1200 ANSI lumens, 2000:1 native contrast, 1080P resolution and supports 4K decoding. R1 Nano built-in ToF non-inductive focus and omnidirectional automatic keystone correction, the machine can be placed at will, without manual operation. It will help you to adjust the image from every angle.

3. Other functions

Formovie R1 Nano supports multiple eye protection, with SGS hardware grade low blu-ray eye protection certification, which can filter more blu-ray. The R1 Nano is also equipped with a human body sensor, which can immediately dim the light when someone approaches, avoiding strong light stimulation. In terms of sound, Formovie R1 Nano projector has a built-in 5Wx2 speaker design, supports DOLBY+DTS dual decoding authentication, and also supports Bluetooth connection.

Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano Ultra-short Throw Projector