xiaomi formovie r1 nano

  1. Emma

    Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano Projector Review

    With the rise of the smart home concept, the smart projector market has also seen unprecedented growth. This article is the Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano projector review. Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano projector is capable of projecting a large size image with a very short projection distance. It is...
  2. M

    Does Formovie R1 Nano projector need projector screen?

    Does Formovie R1 Nano projector need a projector screen? Can I project on the wall?
  3. Gabe

    Formovie R1 VS. Formovie R1 Nano Projector, what's the difference?

    Formovie R1 Nano released last day, as a ultra-short throw laser projector, what's the difference between Formovie R1 and Formovie R1 Nano? model name Formovie R1 Formovie R1 Nano light source laser laser Light source...
  4. Gabe

    Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano Ultra-short Throw Projector, Is it good?

    On October 20, Formovie launched the Formovie R1 Nano ultra-short throw laser projector. This new product is the application of ALPD® laser display technology used in cinema laser projection rooms to home projection products. 1. Ultra short throw Xiaomi Formovie R1 Nano ultra-short throw...