Xiaomi Laser Theater Projector, RGB tricolor light source direct imaging

Barend Ray

Xiaomi Laser Theater Projector goes on sale today with a short-focus lens solution for 6,999 yuan ($1098).

Xiaomi Laser Theater Projector.png

Compared with a number of laser theater products previously launched by Xiaomi, the most important feature of this laser theater projector is the use of RGB tricolor laser light source direct imaging.

This imaging solution achieves an ultra-wide color gamut of 95% BT.2020 and effectively improves picture transparency through LCoC silicon-based liquid crystal technology.

In addition, Xiaomi's full-color laser theater has also passed the SGS low blue light certification, the blue light intensity in the range of 415nm-455nm has been effectively controlled, making it easier to watch health.

It is reported that Xiaomi's full-color laser theater uses a dual full-range + dual high speaker unit speaker design, and has passed the certification of DTS and Dolby, with WANOS China's panoramic sound virtual sound field, to achieve excellent sound quality.

In terms of system, the Xiaomi full-color laser projector is equipped with an MIUI TV system, and has MEMC motion compensation base, with AIPQ algorithm image quality optimization, complementing the shortcomings of the laser projection screen.

Xiaomi Laser Theater Projector interface.png

In terms of hardware, Xiaomi All Color Laser projector uses Amlogic T982 4-core CPU and has 2G DDR4 memory to run smoothly; on the interface, it has three HDMI ports and other regular interfaces such as USB 3.0, SPDIOF, LAN, etc. are all available.