xiaomi projector

  1. BigZ

    Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector, Is it good?

    Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema projector is an ultra-short-throw projector released by Xiaomi Home, with a product size of 402x2685x85mm, net weight of 5.8kg, light source technology panchromatic laser light source, standard resolution of 1920x1080. 1. Specs Product name: Xiaomi XMJGYY01YS...
  2. S

    What does LCOS mean in Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector?

    What does LCOC mean in Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector? I saw that Xiaomi recently came out with a new laser projection, Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector, using LCOS technology, what does this mean and what are the advantages.
  3. Adney

    Xiaomi Full-color Laser Cinema Projector Review, 2022 new LCOS projector

    At the end of March, Xiaomi released an ultra-short throw full-color laser cinema projector, it comes with LCOS technology with 1400 ANSI lumens. Here is the review. 1. Appearance design Xiaomi full-color laser cinema with white as the main color, the front audio wrapped in gray cloth...
  4. N

    Is Xiaomi Full Color Laser Cinema projector worth buying?

    At the end of March, Xiaomi released a new product, "Full-Color Laser Cinema". This is a product that focuses on creating a wide color gamut of colorful images for users. Is this new projector worth buying? Equipped with the new RGB tricolor laser light source direct imaging technology, this...
  5. Barend Ray

    Xiaomi Laser Theater Projector, RGB tricolor light source direct imaging

    Xiaomi Laser Theater Projector goes on sale today with a short-focus lens solution for 6,999 yuan ($1098). Compared with a number of laser theater products previously launched by Xiaomi, the most important feature of this laser theater projector is the use of RGB tricolor laser light source...
  6. Adney

    Xiaomi Xming Q1 Pro projector, is it worth buying?

    Xiaomi Xming Q1 Pro projector is available for pre-order now, is it worth buying? Many users may wanna know what upgrades Q1 Pro has made on the basis of Xming Q1. In terms of appearance, Xiaomi Xming Q1 Pro simplified on the basis of Xming Q1, without the sense of edges and corners of Xming...