Xiaomi Projector 2S Review, how is it?


Recently, Xiaomi projector 2S was released. This projector is ready for crowdfunding at a price of 3199 yuan. So what about the Xiaomi Projector 2S? Let's find out.

Xiaomi Projector 2S Review

Xiaomi Projector 2S Review Configuration​

The Mi Projector 2S is equipped with Amlogic T982 "4-core A55 flagship CPU" with a maximum frequency of 1.9GHz. It has super computing power of up to 2.600 billion times per second and powerful image processing performance. Compared with the Amlogic T972 chip, the performance is improved by 100%. In addition, the Mi Projector 2S smart projector has a storage space of 2GB+16GB, which can run smoothly and support the installation of applications.

Xiaomi projector 2S Review brightness​

Xiaomi Projector 2S has 850ANSI lumen brightness, 1080P HD resolution, and 100% Rec.709 color gamut. It supports omnidirectional automatic correction, and can automatically project a square picture regardless of front projection, side projection, or ceiling-mounted.

Xiaomi Projector 2S Review Sound​

In terms of audio, the Mi Projector 2S is equipped with 1.75-inch full-frequency high-fidelity dual speakers with a maximum power of 10W. In addition, the Mi Projector 2S has a 570ml large-volume air duct design, and the low frequency can go down to 80Hz.

Xiaomi projector 2S Review interface​

In other respects, the Xiaomi Projector 2S game delay effect is as low as 40ms. It is equipped with HDMI2.1 interface (TMDS, maximum resolution 4K 60Hz), USB2.0, and headphone jack. So it supports connecting external devices, such as mobile phones, stereos, etc.

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