YouTube is free to watch 4000 TV episodes and 1500 movies


YouTube has reportedly announced that users can now stream nearly 4,000 full episodes of TV shows like Hell's Kitchen, but only in the US.

YouTube is free to watch 4000 TV episodes and 1500 movies.jpg

The Google-owned video and streaming platform reached 135 million TV subscribers in the U.S. in December 2021, according to YouTube and marketplace management firm Nielsen, which it says makes YouTube the top spot for content people love and creators they love Ad-supported streaming platform.

Despite seeing healthy ratings, YouTube has decided that they want to see more market power, and now they offer full seasons of TV with ads through YouTube, just like regular terrestrial TV.

In addition to offering full seasons of shows like Hell's Kitchen, Andromeda and Heartland for free (despite the ads), YouTube is also rolling out a new user interface with "reduced navigation and immersive banners" Art", which should help users find favorite shows more easily.

In a blog post, YouTube also announced that they are expanding their offer of movies, which are also free to watch with ads. Its selection has a catalogue of over 1,500 films, which will be further enhanced with the introduction of new films such as Gone in Sixty Seconds,Runaway Bride,and Legally Blonde.