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    TV series God of War will be restore incredibly true on Amazon

    Amazon said that the upcoming game-adapted TV series "God of War" will incredibly true restore the game, and strive to provide players and fans with an authentic viewing experience. Amazon announced last week a franchise deal with Sony Interactive Entertainment to adapt the hit game into a TV...
  2. Katherine_K

    2022 April New TV for Amazon Prime Video

    New episodes and movies are back, so let's see what's coming to Amazon Prime Video in April 2022! 1. Wolf Like Me Wolf Like Me Premiere: April 1 Wolf Like Me is a romantic comedy with sci-fi movie elements. The protagonist is Gary, who lost his wife and is now trying to keep his daughter...
  3. LisaMo

    Top 10 Amazon Prime Video Movies and Series for 2022 March

    This article lists the top 10 Amazon Prime Video movies and series for 2022 March, you will regret if you haven't checked these popular shows. 1. Deep Water Deep Water has finally arrived on Amazon. Recall that previously, the 2021 film with Ben Affleck was supposed to come out as early as...
  4. Barend Ray

    Best 10 Amazon Prime Video Movies and Series

    Here's the list of the best 10 Amazon Prime Video movies and series that you won't want to miss. 1. Reacher First there were Lee Child's books about Jack Reacher, an ex-military man who gets out of any predicament. In the cinematic two parts we watched Tom Cruise. Meanwhile, Alan Ritchson...
  5. LisaMo

    2022 Newest Top 10 Amazon Prime Video TV Shows

    This list includes the Top 10 best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video. 1. The Expanse The Expanse is a science fiction series set in space. There are so many threads that it's worth following one of them right off the bat. A detective tries to find a missing girl, and the action takes place some...
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    Can I watch live TV on Amazon Prime?

    Can I watch live TV on Amazon Prime Video Channel?