dangbei x3 air projector

  1. Jemma

    What is CVIA lumen? CVIA lumen vs ANSI lumen Comparison

    What do CVIA lumens mean? What is the difference between CVIA lumens and ANSI lumens? Actually, the CVIA Lumens is a new standard for expressing the brightness of projectors initiated by Chinese main projector interpreters like Dangbei, Xgimi, and more. What is CVIA? CVIA is the abbreviation...
  2. Amanda Brown

    Dangbe X3 Air Projector Review, Is This Laser Projector Good?

    This article will show you the Dangbei X3 Air projector review. Today, technology and intelligence have become the norm in the home appliance industry, and the penetration rate of home smart projectors is on the rise. In addition to LED projectors receiving attention, laser projectors also...
  3. EdwardKL

    Dangbei X3 Air laser projector launched, with 3050 ANSI lumens

    On March 14, Dangbei launched a new laser projector, the Dangbei X3 Air, which applys ALPD cinema laser technology, and comes with 3050 ANSI lumens, priced at 4999 yuan. The Dangbay X3 Air laser projector can project 30-300 inches and features a 0.47-inch DMD chip with a standard resolution...