Dangbe X3 Air Projector Review, Is This Laser Projector Good?

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This article will show you the Dangbei X3 Air projector review. Today, technology and intelligence have become the norm in the home appliance industry, and the penetration rate of home smart projectors is on the rise. In addition to LED projectors receiving attention, laser projectors also attracted a high degree of attention after attending in the projector industry. Recently, Dangbei launched a new laser projector Dangbei X3 Air in the Chinese market, let's take a look at its review.

Dangbei X3 Air Projector Review: Design​

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Dangbei X3 Air follows the family design of the Dangbei "X" series, the appearance design and Dangbei X3 same. It uses a pure black color scheme, a 2.5D nano-coated glass top cover + aviation aluminum wrapping.

The front of the projector is a glass panel with a suspended design, the left side is the flight sensor ToF+CMOS camera module, which is used to implement global real-time focus, keystone correction, and other functions, and the right side is the projector lens.

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The top of the projector has a touch-on key, surrounded by four small holes for the 4 silicon microphone pickup matrix, the role of the far-field voice recognition. The side of the projector is skeletonized heat dissipation holes, with left and right symmetrical heat dissipation design, easier and greater to ensure internal heat dissipation and ventilation.

Dangbei X3 Air Projector Review: Picture Quality​

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Dangbei X3 Air is powered by an MT9669 chip with a 0.47 DMD display chip, ALPD laser light source, and 2100 CVIA lumens.

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The "CVIA" brightness unit is the latest projector brightness standard initiated by Dangbei Projection and jointly developed by the China Video Industry Association, its members, and e-commerce platform parties. The standard is based on the existing international standards, national standards, the projection in the light output (brightness) indicators of the standard method, technical requirements, and a more complete, unified description, and specification, which is China's first group standard specifically for projector brightness.

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Dangbei X3 Air Projector Review: System​

If the brightness is the basis of the projector screen display, then the system logic is fundamental to the consumer when using it. A good system experience can give the user a better projection experience.

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Dangbei X3 Air's system is based on Android, with the characteristics of "light and free". Its UI design is different from that of similar projection products, with a simple design of left and right columns, which is both simple and refreshing and creates a large screen UI differentiation.

Dangbei X3 Air projector can customize the sub-columns and freely sort and delete according to your preference.

Dangbei X3 Air has auto focus and auto keystone correction, which can easily help you adjust the most suitable image picture.

Dangbei X3 Air Projector Review: Smart Function​

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Dangbei X3 Air is built with Dangbei's self-developed screen casting software - Dangbei Screen Casting, with fast and ad-free screen casting.

Dangbei X3 Air built-in atmosphere APP, the atmosphere wall function is to create a projection atmosphere, before the projector photographic fire all over the network, many users need to find pictures on the network to project screen to create a sense of atmosphere, Dangbei X3 Air within a variety of types of wallpapers and videos to choose from.

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Dangbei X3 Air has obtained TUV Rheinland hardware-level low blue light certification, China CESI laboratory visual low fatigue electronic products, and the U.S. FDA laser safety standards certification. Also because it uses an ALPD laser light source, the projector has high brightness and pure picture.

Dangbei X3 Air Projector Review: Summary​

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The projectors on the market are uneven, and this time the Dangbe X3 Air uses the "CVIA" brightness unit which is in progress.

The previous Dangbei X3 and X3 Pro have been highly acclaimed since their launch, so the Dangbei Mars Pro projector is also online at Amazon, and it has been well received by users worldwide.