hdmi port

  1. Gabe

    Does HDMI Cable Length Cause Latency?

    With the popularity of smart TVs, HMDI cables are being used in a wider and wider range of scenarios. Some users need to connect handheld games to their TVs via HDMI cables, while others want to connect their cell phone screens to large-screen devices such as TVs or projections via HDMI cables...
  2. P

    What is the maximum frequency supported by HDMI 2.1?

    Someone asked whether the TV or projector supports HDMI 2.1? HDMI cable is currently the most popular audio and video interface in the audio-visual market, covering TVs, PCs, monitors, mobile phones and other fields. The standard of HDMI cables has also been upgraded from the previous 2.0 to...
  3. D

    What's the different HDMI Ports for and what's the pro?

    An indispensable interface in all TVs is the HDMI interface. Some TVs are equipped with multiple HDMI ports, in fact, these different HDMI ports have different functions. This article will cover the capabilities of the four different HDMI ports and the advantages of HDMI ports. Four different...
  4. BigZ

    TV DP vs. HDMI, which is better?

    The release of the new XBOX and PS5 not only makes people look forward to next-generation console games, but also pushes 4K 120Hz high brush gaming TVs into the hot seat, and also popularizes HDMI 2.1 standard port knowledge for console gamers - HDMI version 2.1 is able to transmit more video...
  5. G

    How to connect Xbox to TV?

    How to connect Xbox to TV? The thinnest Xbox Series S body is equipped with an HDMI interface, which can connect the Xbox to the TV through an HDMI cable. For the specific method of connecting the Xbox to the TV, please refer to the demo tutorial below. 1. Prepare an HDMI cable Prepare an HDMI...
  6. D

    Can USB port be converted to HDMI port?

    Can USB be converted to HDMI? Yes, USB can be converted to HDMI. The USB3.0 interface supports the output of 1080p resolution images, and the USB2.0 interface supports the output of 800×600 resolution images. The output device can be converted from the USB interface to the HDMI interface to the...