Hisense 120L9-PRO Laser TV Review, first 120" laser TV


On April 25, at the spring new product launch, Hisense launched a 120-inch full-color laser TV 120L9-PRO, redefining the upper limit of the large screen audiovisual experience.

Hisense 120L9-PRO Laser TV.jpg

Hisense's 120-inch full-color laser TV is the world's first laser TV to meet TV brightness standards.

According to calculations, the area of a 120-inch TV is equivalent to the size of a national standard ping pong table, which is nearly 1.5 times that of a 100-inch TV. Through the TV Size Calculator, we can get the length and width of a 120" TV as 149 cm and 256 cm.

120“ TV size.jpg

Hisense said that through a comprehensive experimental analysis of the sense of presence, the best viewing angle, and the human eye's ability to distinguish image details, the best viewing distance for a 120-inch laser TV is 4-4.5 meters.

Hisense Laser TV 120L9-PRO adopts a three-color light source architecture with extremely high RGB color purity, and the color gamut coverage reaches 107% of the top color gamut standard BT.2020, which is equivalent to 151% of the DCI-P3 movie color standard, surpassing high-end cinema by 50%, achieving a full range of cinema-level color and texture enhancement.

Hisense 120L9-PRO Laser TV 120”.jpg

For more immersive sound enjoyment, the 120L9-pro is equipped with a Manhattan panoramic sound field with a skydome lift sound field to deliver stunning sound comparable to high-end theaters.

Hisense 120L9-pro with a smart dual-screen design, audio and video audio-visual undisturbed, can be voice linked smart home.

In addition, Hisense also launched the full-color laser TV L9H series, covering 75, 80, 88 and 100-inch mainstream sizes.