hisense 8k tv

  1. Clive Carter

    Hisense 100LX 8K Features, is it good?

    Hisense 100LX 8K is the world's first laser TV with 8K resolution and a large 100-inch screen. We will introduce the performance of this laser TV in this article. Hisense 100LX Display The screen color gamut of Hisense 100LX 8K TV is as high as 110% BT.2020, the color expressiveness is 2 to 3...
  2. Samuel Miller

    Hisense releases the world's first 8k laser TV 100LX, LPU digital laser engine

    April 10, 2023, Hisense held the 2023 Hisense video full scene display strategy conference. Officially unveiled its new products of all smart display terminals, and for the actual use of the user scene pain points, through the product to give answers. At this new product launch, Hisense...
  3. Samuel Miller

    Hisense 8K Laser TV Will be Released Soon

    Following the revelation that Samsung will soon launch 8K laser TVs in the Chinese market, Hisense recently said it will officially launch the world's first laser TV, the 120LX, on April 10. It is understood that Hisense's first 8K laser TV 120LX, with a screen brightness of up to 400 nits...
  4. K

    2023 Hisense ULED Mini LED 8K TV, how is it?

    At CES 2023, Hisense released and demonstrated ULED X, Mini LED and other display technologies, and also launched the world's first 8K laser TV. The official said that this 120-inch ultra-large-screen 8K laser TV 120LX marks that Hisense 8K laser display has matured from technical solutions to...