Hisense releases the world's first 8k laser TV 100LX, LPU digital laser engine

April 10, 2023, Hisense held the 2023 Hisense video full scene display strategy conference. Officially unveiled its new products of all smart display terminals, and for the actual use of the user scene pain points, through the product to give answers.

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At this new product launch, Hisense focuses on the user's home viewing the scene with multiple dimensions of audio-visual, entertainment and wisdom, perceives the user's real use environment, and provides solutions based on the product's strength.

In terms of LCD TVS, Hisense U8 has ULED X reference images, 6000+ MiniLED backlit partitions and a peak brightness of 2000nit. Hisense U8 TV supports a 240Hz refresh rate and HDMI2.1 interface and comes with hardware specifications such as 2% ultra-low reflectivity and 178° wide viewing Angle obsidian PRO. Under the control of Hisense's self-developed X-sensing chip, it can display a 99%DCI-P3 color range, covering more color space.

Hisense TV U7 is a 2000+ MiniLED backlit partition, 1600nit peak brightness, as well as virtual digital human interaction intelligent control and Hi-Sound Tianbei engine, creating an immersion matrix.

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Hisense 100LX, the world's first 8k laser TV launched this time, is equipped with Hisense's self-developed LPU digital laser engine technology, which is easier to achieve 4K/8K and above ultra-high resolution and present the most accurate color.

In terms of picture quality, the Hisense 100LX can accurately control 33 million pixels, reaching 110% of the color gamut BT.2020, supporting 1.07 billion color smooth transitions. At the same time, it is equipped with Dolby panoramic sound, DTS Virtual: X sound effects, construction of 4 independent stereo panoramic sound fields, and Harman Kardon professional tuning.

In addition, Hisense also showed Hisense Art TV, Hisense Mobile smart screen, Hisense esports display 27G7H and VR integrated head display products all new products of smart display terminal.

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