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  1. Shelby_Compare

    Hisense U7H vs Sony X80K Comparison Review, Which is better?

    In this article, I will compare Hisense U7H vs Sony X80K. The Hisense U7H and Sony X80K are low-cost options for LCD TVs in 2022, and despite their low prices, they still have a lot going for them. Sony is known for making expensive, high-quality screens, and the X80K is one of Sony's most...
  2. Shelby_Compare

    Hisense U8G vs U7H TV Comparison Review

    In this article, I will compare Hisense U8G and Hisense U7H TV. The Hisense U8G and U7H are models in the Hisense ULED series of TVs for 2021 and 2022 respectively, and they are impressively bright and mixed. If you're looking for a bright enough 4K LED TV on a cheap budget, these two TVs...
  3. S

    Is Hisense U7H TV good? Real Test Effect

    Is Hisense U7H TV good? U7 is the most popular series of Hisense ULED TVs, equipped with the industry's first obsidian screen, as well as 240Hz ultra-high refresh rate, professional image display, multi-channel spatial sound field, etc. Is Hisense U7H any good? How is the Hisense U7H TV review...
  4. X

    Hisense U7H TV review: 2022 High-end flagship TV

    Recently, Hisense released the new ULED TVs of the U7H series. U7 is Hisense ULED hot product, and the Hisense U7H series ULED TVs cover a total of four sizes 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches. This article will focus on the 75-inch Hisense U7H review. 1. Hisense U7H TV Review Appearance Design The...