Is Hisense U7H TV good? Real Test Effect



Is Hisense U7H TV good?​

U7 is the most popular series of Hisense ULED TVs, equipped with the industry's first obsidian screen, as well as 240Hz ultra-high refresh rate, professional image display, multi-channel spatial sound field, etc. Is Hisense U7H any good? How is the Hisense U7H TV review? Let's see the real effect of this TV.

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Full Array Dynamic Backlight​

The core advantage of ULED TV lies in the image quality performance supported by Xinxin U+ super image quality chip and multi-partition dynamic backlight technology. U7H is equipped with Hisense full-array dynamic backlight technology. After actual testing, the 75-inch U7H has a total of 168 backlight partitions, arranged in a 12×14 horizontal grid. Thanks to the excellent light control level, no obvious halo was observed in the dark room, and the overall light control effect was even better than many flagship MiniLED TVs.

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AI Object Intelligence Capability​

The Hisense U7H TV is equipped with the self-developed Xinxin U+ super image quality chip, which optimizes the color, sharpness, contrast and other scenes of the image. Through the AI object intelligent perception ability, the chip can also realize the cognitive ability of image elements. It can identify and recognize specific elements in the picture, and make targeted optimization according to different objects to achieve a viewing effect closer to the human eye.

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Professional Color Mode​

As the advantages of large-screen TVs are gradually gaining popularity, more and more users begin to use TVs as computer monitors for gaming, audio-visual entertainment, and even professional scenes such as design and post-production of film and television. Hisense U7H opens up multiple color spaces such as DCI-P3, BT.709, BT.2020, AdobeRGB in professional mode to meet the needs of different professionals.

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Video and Visual Picture Display Performance​

As the official TV of the 2022 World Cup, the sports performance of U7H has also attracted much attention before. On the basis of the 4K 120Hz picture quality standard carried by HDMI 2.1, the TV is the first to support 240Hz refresh rate through HSR technology.

The TV hardware can support up to 4K 144Hz content. Through the Xinxin 240Hz fast motion enhancement algorithm, stable and smooth 240Hz images can be output. For users who pay special attention to fluency, you can choose to turn on the 240Hz fast mode to achieve extremely smooth image effects.

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Game Mode with Fast Speed and Smoothy Operation​

Through the VRR, ALLM and other technologies carried by the HDMI 2.1 interface, as well as the FreeSync function supported by the TV, the Hisense U7H TV can realize the self-recognition optimization of mainstream game devices, cloud game delay optimization, smart game settings and display effects. After turning on the 240Hz fast mode of the U7H, it can output a smoother picture with the TV.

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Real Effect of Picture on the TV Screen​

When the photographic light is irradiated on the Hisense U7H TV from multiple angles, there is indeed no obvious reflection, glare and halo. In addition, the Hisense U7H TV is equipped with ultra-high frequency PWM dimming technology, so that the TV has the effect of comfortable eye protection like DC dimming, and there is no uneven picture caused by DC dimming.

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Hisense U7H Speakers and Sound​

Hisense U7H is equipped with a set of 2+1+2 sound system, cooperate with Hi-Sound Pro Teana engine, perceive user space and picture content, effectively expand sound field space and sound directivity, and achieve the effect of sound and picture integration.

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Hisense U7H Exterior Design​

The appearance of Hisense U7H can be described as a tribute to the classics frequently. The Braun gold milled pattern on the body is inspired by the dial design of the top Rolex watches, and the base adopts a wishful shape.

The Victory Peak line of the fuselage inherits the consistent championship concept of the U7 series and pays tribute to the classic jersey elements of Paris Saint-Germain. Indispensable is the exclusive silk screen of the FIFA World Cup, which demonstrates Hisense's status as the official sponsor of the Qatar World Cup.

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Hisense U7H Ports For Connectivity​

The interfaces of Hisense U7H are concentrated on the left side of the TV. There are 3 HDMI and 2 USB interfaces. Among them, HDMI No. 1 supports eARC(HDMI ARC vs. eARC), No. 2 supports full-featured HDMI 2.1(The importance of HDMI 2.1 for TVs), and supports simultaneous connection of sound bar and game console.

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Summary: Is Hisense U7H TV good? Yes!​

As the official sponsor of the World Cup, Hisense has made frequent efforts in the sports market in recent years. U7H can be regarded as Hisense's "gift" for football fans in the World Cup year. Of course, with the high-end picture quality brought by Xinxin and the excellent strength of the obsidian panel, its performance is enough to conquer discerning audio-visual enthusiasts and gamers.