hisense vidda tv

  1. Nadia

    Vidda Z75/Z85 Mini LED TV Releases

    Vidda has recently launched its new series of Z75/Z85 Mini LED TVs, and they are set to go on sale starting on October 31st. Here's a breakdown of the features of the Vidda Z75/Z85 Mini LED TVs: Screen Specifications: The screens in this series are equipped with 4K resolution and boast a...
  2. XXMAN98

    Introducing the Hisense Vidda S85 Gaming TV: 4K 120Hz Excellence

    Hisense Vidda has unveiled its latest gaming television, the S85, designed to deliver top-tier gaming experiences with a focus on a high-refresh-rate display. In this essay, we will delve into the features and specifications of the Hisense Vidda S85, exploring what makes it an attractive option...
  3. Samuel Miller

    Vidda X85 Pro TV Released, 4K Gaming TV

    The Vidda X85 Pro TV was officially unveiled at the product launch event on April 17. According to the official specs, the X85 Pro offers an 85-inch screen (all-metal body) with 1200nits peak brightness and 256 backlight zones (95% DCI-P3 wide gamut). It has level 4096 dimming, which gives a...
  4. Serena Anderson

    Vidda X Pro new TV will be released soon

    According to a poster posted on Vidda's social media, there will be a launch event for Vidda X Pro on April 17. It is understood that in 2022, Vidda X series TV has an excellent performance in the market, among which Vidda X85 is the best seller among 85-inch TVS in the whole Chinese network...
  5. G

    Hisense Vidda Music TV MUS with JBL 2.1 Channel

    Recently, Hisense Vidda launched the latest music K-song TV Vidda MUS featuring the K-song scene. This product is the first to use an independent AI sound repair sound card in a smart big screen, equipped with JBL's original 2.1-channel audio, independent subwoofer, and a library of over 3...