1. Serena Anderson

    Huawei Hisilicon V811 Chip First Exposure! Support [email protected] Decoding

    May 20th - Dangbei, a leading manufacturer of home projectors, has unveiled its latest offering, the Dangbei F6, a cutting-edge 4K projector that stands out with its debut of the Huawei Hisilicon V811 chip. According to sources, the Huawei Hisilicon V811 chip is an upgraded version of Huawei's...
  2. Amanda Brown

    Huawei Unveils Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3 TV

    Huawei recently held its summer product launch event, where they showcased the Huawei Vision Smart Screen 3. This latest addition to their smart screen lineup boasts impressive features, including 240Hz Honghu image quality, support for up to 4K super casting, a 4K flagship chip, an AI visual...
  3. OldCooper

    Huawei Smart Screen S3 Pro TV to be released

    Huawei Smart Screen S3 Pro TV will be officially launched at Huawei nova11 Series and full-scene New product launch event on April 17, featuring "smart dual-core and supercomputing power". According to the poster, Huawei Smart Screen S3 Pro will be equipped with an AI camera. According to the...
  4. Radiohead

    Huawei Vision Smart Screen Released, New TV Highlights

    On the evening of September 29, Huawei Vision smart screen series was released, including Huawei Vision smart screen 75 inches, Huawei Vision smart screen 86 inches, Huawei Vision smart screen Z65 gaming version, Huawei Vision wisdom screen Z75 gaming version of four new smart screen products...