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    JMGO N1 Pro vs JMGO Ultra Three-Color Laser Projector Comparison

    JMGO Projector released two brand new projectors, N1 Pro (1080P) and N1 Ultra (4K) a few days ago. Most of the configurations of these two projectors are the same, differing only in brightness, resolution and voice assistant, and they are officially on sale now. JMGO Projector N1 series...
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    JMGO N1 Projector will be released on December 1st

    JMGO officially announced today that the new JMGO N1 series will be released at 8:00 pm on December 1st. How does JMGO's next-generation projector debut? Can its picture quality refresh the upper limit? How does form subvert imagination? Are you looking forward to the JMGO N1 series projectors?